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Were you surprised by changes made to your loved one's will without your knowledge? Do you believe that your loved one did not have the mental capacity to make sound decisions or that he or she was unduly influenced by another person?

It can be alarming if your loved one made abrupt changes to his or her estate plans near the end of life. These changes may not be legally valid if they were a result of another person's influence or if your loved one appeared to be mentally declining.

At John D. Tongier, LLC, John Tongier can assist you in contesting a will or trust that you believe to be the result of dementia or undue influence. With more than 30 years of legal experience, John can help pursue a successful will/trust contest for you or your family.

How We Help with Will and Trust Contests

John will carefully review your loved one's medical records and background. He can help determine if your loved one had the required mental capacity to make changes to his or her estate plan at the time those changes were made. He can detect signs of dementia or vulnerability to outside influence.

Through our investigation, John can find out if late-in-life estate plan changes may be the result of undue influence by a new spouse or caretaker. Your loved one must have had the required mental capacity to independently make changes to his or her estate plan or those changes may be invalid. If your loved one did not have the mental capacity or was coerced into making changes, you have every right to contest the will or trust.

Investigate Your Will or Trust Case

Whether in Kansas or Missouri, for more information about Will/Trust Challenges, contact John D. Tongier, LLC. John can be reached at (913) 451-8383 or through the intake form on our Contact Us page.


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