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In litigation today, trial lawyers know that trials are actually the exception – mediation is the rule. The vast majority of cases are concluded by mediation between the parties rather than by a trial. Mediation saves time, money and stress on the parties. Mediation allows the parties to maintain maximum control over the outcome of their case in a calm, informed environment, rather than relinquishing that control to a judge or jury at a trial.

John Tongier has been a mediator for over 15 years. Because of John’s unique background – having represented both plaintiffs as well as defendants and their insurance companies – he has enjoyed great success over the years serving as a mediator for a variety of personal injury claims in both Kansas and Missouri. John has comforted injured plaintiffs with their fears and frustrations. He has also advised defendants and their insurance carriers regarding the risk analysis necessary to make effective decisions about settlement. This experience has proven to be invaluable in the mediation setting.

When John mediates a case, he is not just a message carrier or a facilitator. John’s mediation philosophy is simple: Engage in every effort, within ethical parameters, to try to get the case settled. As a result, over 95% of the cases mediated by John have resulted in settlement.

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