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Kansas City Defective Pool/Playground Lawyer

Was your child seriously injured while in a swimming pool, at a water park, or at a playground in Kansas or Missouri? Was defective equipment, poor design or maintenance to blame for your child's injuries? 

Parents expect their children to be safe when in a swimming pool or at a playground. When an accident happens because of defective equipment or poor maintenance, John Tongier helps parents get compensation for their child's playground or swimming pool injury.

Poor Design Can Cause Swimming Pool Injuries

Pool operators are trusted by parents to provide safe swimming conditions for their children. Poor design or safety procedures can cause serious swimming pool injuries. Pool owners and operators must provide adequate lifeguard staffing and/or accurate signs to warn swimmers about potential hazards. Because of the risk of drowning, swimming pool injuries, such as head injuries, can be especially dangerous. 

Playground Accidents Caused by Defective Equipment

A common type of defective playground equipment (indoors or outdoors) is a poorly designed playground surface. If the surface under the equipment is not properly padded with a rubber mat, sand, or bark chips, your child's minor fall can result in a major injury.  John Tongier can examine the playground surface to determine if it meets the standards of safety: if it does not, we can help you get compensation in the event of serious injury.

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